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Labour Law

Musara, Mupawaenda & Mawere Legal Practice offers a comprehensive, effective and innovative advice and service to clients in all aspects of labour law in Zimbabwe including:

  • Drafting and scrutinizing contracts of employment
  • Drafting and registering Codes of Conduct
  • Alternative dispute resolution and litigation
  • Pension law and employee benefit
  • Restructuring and retrenchment planning

Commercial Law

We assist clients with all commercial and corporate aspects of their businesses. This includes a wide range of commercial transactions such as;

  • Drafting of contracts,
  • Advising on tax and other implications of commercial transactions,
  • Conducting due diligence investigation and implementation of commercial transactions
  • Commercial dispute dissolution
  • Company registration
  • Corporate governance issues
  • Drafting corporate agreements
  • Drafting shareholders agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions


The conveyancing department of Musara, Mupawaenda and Mawere Legal Practictioners handles all aspects relating to property in Zimbabwe. These include:

  • Transfer of property
  • Mortgage bond registration
  • Cancellation of mortgage bonds
  • Registration of all types of servitudes; Subdivision and consolidation of properties.
  • Replacement of lost ,destroyed or defaced tittle deeds
  • Drafting agreements of sale
  • Drafting lease agreements
  • Due Diligence

Construction Law

Musara Mupawaenda and Mawere Legal Practitioners is cognisant of the growth of the Construction Industry and the need to be well-versed in the industry. Thus we offer a wide array of construction law services including:

  • Negotiating, drafting, interpretation, and reviewing of Construction Contracts
  • Attending to compliance issues like NSSA, ZIMRA, & EMA as well as permits & licensing issues
  • Providing general legal advice throughout the project including project closeout
  • Tendering procedures
  • Site visits and keeping of all records regarding a particular project
  • Labour relations and dispute resolution procedures
  • Procurement issues
  • Collaboration with other professionals and stakeholders in the project to ensure contract provisions are adhered to
  • Quantum and delay analysis
  • Construction claims

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