About Us

Established 2021


Musara, Mupawaenda and Mawere Legal Practictioners is composed of a team of four seasoned legal practitioners whose work experience spans over 15 years each. We prioritise our clients and place quality at the forefront of everything we do. Putting our clients first is a simple philosophy that flows throughout every part of our business and underpins everything we do.

We listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide them with practical legal advice which is tailored to those needs. As a law firm,  we endeavour to be professionally driven. We make every effort to build open and honest relationships with our clients.

Our staff members are trained to handle clients’ affairs confidentially and professionally. It is this simple approach that ensures we forge strong and close relationships with our clients that are built on trust.

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As dedicated, experienced legal professionals, our mission is to effectively, efficiently, and professionally deliver legal services to our clients and all other stakeholders treating them with respect.

The relationships formed with our clients are of the utmost importance, as shown in our undying commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver principled, professional and affordable legal services to those we serve.

We will expand our client base through referrals from loyal clients who can attest to our commitment to excellence, and through our reputation as a firm that knows the law and practices it


  • Professionalism
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Team work
  • Efficiency and effectiveness


Quality legal services, reputable law firm.